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Telemarketer Prank Calls

These are my own personal calls that give you a good idea on how to prank a telemarketer. I had a site up and everything for them, but I've since had to change hosts and haven't put it back up yet. But the bright side is, these are now all in MP3 format instead of Real Player. Real Player... Just goes to show how old these are.

I should do more, but it was just so easy before, working out of the house. I had all day to get calls.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy these. I get a lot of good feedback.

A Telemarketer's Hell

  1. Intro Medley
  2. Welcome To A New World, Mr. PC
  3. TV Guide Costs How Much?!
  4. Craftmatic's Got Me Sold!
  5. He'd Really Grunt In Mexico
  6. 4.Toe Million Dollars
  7. Hungry For Attention
  8. I Got The Need For Speed
  9. GTE Are Gluttons For Punishment
  10. This Little Piggy Has To Do Taxes
  11. Sorry, I Don't Watch Basketball