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Funny Christmas Pictures

You Know What I Want?

Image Keywords: Christmas, what do you want, one really good bowel movement, senior citizen

Stuff It, Fat Boy!

Image Keywords: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Santa, Turkey, Christmas in November is getting ridiculous

Christmas Headlights

Image Keywords: your left headlight is out, Christmas, reindeer, no red nose

Model Snowmen

Image Keywords: Christmas, skinny snowmen, models

Elves Should Stick to Bonsai Trees

Image Keywords: Christmas, Santa, Elves decorating trees, ornaments real low

Santa Is Checking His Friends List

Image Keywords: Santa, Christmas, fat, reindeer status updates, facebook

Have You Seen This Elf?

Image Keywords: Santa, Christmas, lost elf, butt crack, sat on elf

Merry Christmas Kiddies - Creepy Santa

Image Keywords: christmas, creepy santa

Nobody is on the Naughty List

Image Keywords: Christmas, Santa, no naughty list, nothing is naughty anymore

Santa Says Ho Ho Ho!

Image Keywords: santa, lawyer, ho ho ho, sexual harassment, Christmas

Instead of Checking the List, He Should Have Checked His Bag

Image Keywords: Christmas, santa, wrong bag, oh shit

I Wonder If The Reindeer Notice He's Missing

Image Keywords: Christmas, santa splat on airplane

I Know What They're Both Thinking

Image Keywords: Christmas, bird poop, kid catching snowflake, poop in mouth

Not Gonna Make It, Santa

Image Keywords: Christmas, reindeer measures santas butt, santa measures chimney, big butt

They Used To Call Him Names

Image Keywords: Christmas, Rudolph, used to laugh and call him names, stuffed deer, mounted, shotgun

But What About The Toys?

Image Keywords: Christmas, nice one harry. and how are you going to epxlain this to the kids?, husband shoots santa

Get Me What I Want Or Else!

Image Keywords: Christmas, santa, what I want for christmas, poison santa, new bike, antidote

The History of Eggnog

Image Keywords: Christmas, history of eggnog, deer peeing, chicken laying eggs

Santa Got A Flat Tire

Image Keywords: christmas, santa, dead reindeer, flat tire