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There was a blonde and she really wanted to become a cop. One day she went to the police station and said she wanted to become a police officer. They said well you have to be smart to be a police officer so we'll ask you a few questions.

"Okay" she said.

"What is 2 + 2?", said the police officer knowing how dumb blondes always are.

"Ummm, 4", she said hesitantly.

"Okay correct",he said.

"What color is the sky?" "Ummm", she though "Well many different. Usually blue but sometimes red or orange or yellow or a pretty shade of pink."

"Correct", the policeman said confused that she knew it. "Okay 2 more questions: What is a hare?"

She answered: "Either a hair on your head and legs or other places or it could be a rabbit!"

"Wow", the policeman said astonished. Okay last question: Who shot Abraham Lincoln?

"Hmm" she thought, "That's a hard one."

Okay the officer said, I'll let you sleep on it and you come back tomorrow with the answer.

That night she went home and had some friends over. They asked her if she got the police officer job and she said, "I think so. They put me on my first case!"

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